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My Story...
It all started with a party on the very front porch pictured on my home page.  The party was with family, friends, amazing food and drinks and a ton of great conversation and laughter.  I have always had a love for cheese and snacking is my all time favorite thing to do.  Put the two together and throw in some homemade salamis (my brother-in-laws made this); fresh fruits and veggies in season; along with great crackers; honey; jams; chocolate and you have the ultimate snacking board.  My family loved when I would bring something like this and they gave me the encouragement to follow my passion for creating boards with foods and flavorful combinations to make your taste buds dance and all made with love.  I continue to be supported and encouraged by my loves, my family and my friends!  I am truly blessed with an amazing "crew!" 
My true passion is to get people to spend more time years ago...on a front porch, talking, laughing, sharing your lives and adventures with each other.  No phones, no televisions, just family and friends enjoying each other's company with good fun, good conversations and good food.  Imagine putting out a board or a tray filled with delectable cheeses; sweet and savory meats; fresh fruit and veggies of the season; dips; honeys; nuts and more.  Setting that down and then sitting down to enjoy time...together.  You can almost picture time stopping for a moment, being able to capture in your heart what you will carry with you until you see your loved ones again.  That is priceless and what we are all longing for.  

We have taken the time with family and friends for granted and sometimes even complained about it.  Now we wish more than ever we could have that back.  I truly hope things don't go back to the way they were.  I hope we take what we have learned from this pandemic and make family and friends our priority.  I am here to help you make your gatherings special.

Along with making charcuterie boards and trays at Front Porch Charcuterie, I am also looking to show people how to make these delectable creations themselves.  You've heard of Paint and Sip,  how about a Board and Booze? Yes, I said Booze!   We can spend time with special people; learn how to put a beautiful and creative board together all while sipping on what ever the fabulous drink of the evening is and eating some delicious food combinations. So at your next family or friend gathering you can not only wow them with what you have learned, but you can relax and enjoy the time with them.

Reach out and let me know how I can help you make the best of your next gathering.


My Story

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