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Making Changes

Front Porch Charcuterie was started to show people how to make charcuterie boards. The premise of the business was to get people back together, on their front porches; back yards; decks; etc. We had gotten so far away from the importance of family and friends and spending time together just talking; playing games; enjoying each other's company. Showing people how to make these boards so they could spend more time with family and friends instead of in the kitchen is what I was all about.

Then along came COVID-19. Scaring the daylights out of everyone and yet throwing everyone back to what was really important. Time with family. Simplifying life; having to talk through what was scaring us; meals together; getting to know each other on a completely different level.

Businesses had to either shift or close. I decided to shift developing smaller boxes for 1 to 2-4. My feeling was if you had to be home, why not have something pretty and yummy to enjoy and could be delivered to you. This took off far more than I ever anticipated due to posts from some very special friends and the joy they brought. I have been able to meet the most incredible people and have had the most incredible experiences doing this.

Because I am building this business as I head toward retirement, I needed to re-evaluate what I am doing. I had to break down each box and board to what I was ordering for the vessels to the utensils to the food. And what I found was I was just about breaking even and in some cases, losing a bit. Don't get me wrong, serving others and bringing joy is what this is about, but if I am doing this for retirement, I need to have a bit of an income with it as well. So I have made the decision to increase my prices and add a delivery fee. This was not an easy decision for me and any of you who know me, know I did not take this lightly.

I appreciate all the love and support you have all given me and look forward to our continued growing friendships!

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