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2021 Shows Hope and Kindness

2020 was a challenging year that made us grow so far outside our comfort zones, that we didn't know which way was up. It showed us what was really important and how to be so much more grateful for what we already have. It gave us the opportunity to show kindness and respect for one another where we were too busy to show before. Family, friends and time together is what we long for and will hopefully never take for granted again.

2021 is a year filled with Hope and Kindness. There has been so much upheaval that the time for healing is now. Hope for a time when we can gather and embrace each other. Kindness in being here for each other with love and support. My 3 year old great niece said something yesterday with an expression of such kindness and love. She said, "do you know, when you listen, you learn?" And she held one hand out for listen and the other hand for learn. In that moment, it was so clear. Listen to what we are saying and learn to respect and love each other for who we are even if we don't agree.

Looking forward to serving you for your date nights; anniversaries; birthdays and just because celebrations. May we be able to gather with family and friends safely soon. May we all be kinder to one another and understand that we can still be family and friends even if we don't agree on everything.

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